League of Legends Clash

Clash is the new game mode in League of Legends. It is pretty much like rank 5 v 5 but with rewards. It works like a weekend tournament where teams face off and earn rewards. The Beta came out a couples week ago and even tho there were some technical issues to get in a game the rest worked out smoothly.


To join you just need to is to get 5 people, create a team and wait till Friday night to lock in. Once it is time to lock in the teams are taken to a Clash lobby where they see their tournament brackets. After all the teams are ready the scouting phase begins. When scouting you can see all the members in the opposite team and see what their most played champions are and their highest mastery champions. a good thing would be to also check out the players on na.op.gg and search their match history. After scouting phase is over the teams join a match lobby where you ban 5 champions each and then pick your champions.


This game mode was suppose to be official Friday May, 25th but the servers had technical difficulties so Clash was canceled. As an apology Riot brought back Urf so we still get a fun game mode.


Clash Information: Clash

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