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Apple has announced the release of its new iPhone X. It will come in two colors: Space Gray and Silver. It will have a 5.8″ screen all screen OLED Multi Touch display. The difference between the iPhone X and the previous iPhones would be that the X does not have a home button, which means no more fingerprint scanner. It also has new features like face recognition which will work with the emoji app allowing the user to record themselves as an emoji and send it as a message.

For more detailed information about the new iPhone X: iPhone X Specs

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League of Legends Runes and IP Rework


Riot games announced that for the Pre-season they will change how runes work and get rid of IP for blue essence. First the runes are getting reworked, they are going to be separated into 5 section each with a “unique” keystone. You will also be able to pick and change the new runes during champion select. For the new season IP and blue essence will be merged into one currency. In the video Riot released they explain that they would refund the IP people used for runes and rune pages bought before 2015; they would be refunded as blue essence. Also for people who used RP to buy rune pages they would receive an Epic Mystery Skin.

For more details: League of Legends changes

For details on the new runes: Runes Rework

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League of Legends Clash

Clash is the new game mode in League of Legends. It is pretty much like rank 5 v 5 but with rewards. It works like a weekend tournament where teams face off and earn rewards. The Beta came out a couples week ago and even tho there were some technical issues to get in a game the rest worked out smoothly.


To join you just need to is to get 5 people, create a team and wait till Friday night to lock in. Once it is time to lock in the teams are taken to a Clash lobby where they see their tournament brackets. After all the teams are ready the scouting phase begins. When scouting you can see all the members in the opposite team and see what their most played champions are and their highest mastery champions. a good thing would be to also check out the players on na.op.gg and search their match history. After scouting phase is over the teams join a match lobby where you ban 5 champions each and then pick your champions.


This game mode was suppose to be official Friday May, 25th but the servers had technical difficulties so Clash was canceled. As an apology Riot brought back Urf so we still get a fun game mode.


Clash Information: Clash

School in China for Gamers

Lanxiang Technical School is a school in China that now has an Esports program. The program started with 50 students. The students train in popular games like League of Legends, Overwatch and, PUBG. With the Esports industry growing Lanxiang Technical School plans on training the future Esports champions.


The gaming industry is still growing. An estimate of 260 million people play video games worldwide.  It is estimated that the Esports economy will grow to $905 millions in the next year according to Newzoo. The school doesn’t just focusing in gaming skills but also other aspects of the industry like coaching, managing, casters and many others.

The course lasts 3 years in which the first year compromises of gaming and theory. After that they are separated into groups so that they can focus on whatever aspect of the gaming industry that they want.

Tuition costs 13,000 YUAN a year  which is roughly about $2,000 which is a reasonable amount for tuition in China.


Many more schools are announcing that they will begin adding Esports related programs to their courses in the next year. Esports already has a spot in the 2022 Asian Games and it is being pushed for it to be recognized in the Olympics. Everything is pointing to a major growth for the gaming industry.








Lanxiang Technical Shool

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$450,000 Esport Scholarship

Find Your Grind (FYG) and ReKTGlobal are working together to make $450,000 Esports scholarship fund. Their goal is to help teens enter the esport industry regardless of their education level or their skill. The scholarship doesn’t need to just be used for college but also can be used to start a business or buy equipment.


To qualify for the scholarship they want to know about your background and aspirations, not your education or gaming skills. This collaboration is aimed to show young people that there are career paths int he Esports industry that they can take.

As part of the collaboration ReKTGlobal will help guide FYG on the strategies for the Esports industry. Also ReKTGlobal will be making the curriculum for FYG.

FYG:  Find Your Grind

ReKT: ReKTGlobal

Intel Extreme Masters PyeongChang

Intel has announced that it will bring its Esports tournament IEM to Korea ahead of the 2018 Winter Olympics. They will be having a Stracraft 2 tournament and a exhibition of the 2018 Winter Olympics official game Steep.


Bringing an Esports event to the Olympics is a big step for the gaming industry. The IOC has decided to see if they allow Esports to become part of the Olympics. With Intel pushing the boundaries and bringing their tournaments to partner with the Olympics they bring gaming a step closer to the Olympics.



Olympics website: Olympics IEM

Intel website: IEM PyeongChang

Big Upcoming Games for 2018


The new Dragon Ball game is one of the most anticipated games coming in January of 2018. It is going to be played in a 2D plane but all the characters are going to be rendered in 3D. The game is being developed by Arc System Works which is known for making other fighting games like Guilty Gear and Blazblue. There are already 20 confirmed characters all from the Dragon Ball Z series. Some speculate that other characters from Dragon Ball Super like Hit and Jiren will be also added by the time comes out or later on as DLC. The game is to be released January 26.

Dragon Ball Fighter Z


Red Dead Redemption 2 was one of the biggest games announced on 2017. Red Dead Redemption 2 is going to follow the story of the outlaw Arthur Morgan. From the trailer we can tell that the story is going to revolve around a gang of outlaws. The visuals look spectacular and the multiplayer is believed to be a lot like GTA. The game is said to be released on Spring 2018.

Red Dead Redemption 2


Kratos is back in God of War but not to fight Greek gods anymore, in this new game he is taking on the Nordic mythology with his son. The game is set to take roughly between 23-25 hours to complete and 35 if you add all the other side quests. The game is going to show the player a new side to Kratos. It was believed that the game was going to be released on March 22 but then there was a leak that hinted more to December 31. The date isn’t sure yet but it is going to be on 2018. Also the game is a PlayStation exclusive.

God of War


Monster Hunter World is an open-world game where the goal is to go around hunting and fighting epic monsters and upgrading gear. The game is to be released on January 2018.

Monster Hunter World


Cyberpunk 2077 is a Sci-Fi game made by CD Project Red, the makers of the Witcher series. We don’t know much about the game yet since it is still being made but what we know is: that it will take place in a futuristic city called Night City, it is going to be a huge open world RPG, and it might even have a multiplayer. The game has not actually been announced to be released on 2018 but we never know.

Cyberpunk 2077


A new Spider-Man game has been announced at the end of 2017. It is going to be a type of sandbox setting were the emphasis is going to be on Spider-mans abilities and acrobatics. The graphics look amazing and it is made to work great on the PS4 Pro for that 4K. From the trailer we can tell that there will be a lot of interaction with the environment and setting. Also the game is said to be filled with a rich story. It is to be released this year but we don’t know when in 2018.


Disney buys most of 21st Century Fox


Disney and Fox have finally made a deal of $54.2 billion. In the deal Disney will be acquiring 21st Century Fox movie studio and regional sport networks, also the cable channel FX and National Geographic. Also Disney is going to get Fox’s stake in Hulu and Sky.


Other than the networks that Disney is acquiring from Fox they are also getting the rights to movies and characters that they didn’t have before. Disney owns Marvel but not characters like Deadpool and the Fantastic Four. This could mean that we could see them join the MCU. Also Disney owned some rights of Avatar to use in their theme parks but now they will own the rights that Fox owned.

For more information: Disney buys Fox

NYT Disney buys Fox


CO-OP Startup Experience



The course is for students from any field of study that want to gain practical experience in dynamic Israeli startups. This program gives students the great opportunity to have a first hand entrepreneurship experience while still being in school. The whole point of the program is to learn through experience in real entrepreneurial environments.

Screen Shot 2017-11-14 at 3.56.55 PM.png


For more information: CO-OP Startup Experience

Razer Phone

Razer has finally showed its phone for gamers. From the outside it looks like the Nextbit Robin in that it is a rectangular phone. It is powered by a Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 with 8GB RAM.


It has an UltraMotion technology that allows it to deliver rates of up to 120 Hz for a better gaming experience. For sound it has front-facing speakers and dual amplifiers with Dolby ATMOS for a better song experience. Since the phone is focused on gaming it has a 4000 mAH lithium ion-battery for longer gaming time.

For more information: Razer Phone


Passport to Japan

Crunchyroll is making a trip to Japan. To enter the sweepstake you need to go to PassportToJapan.com and login with your Crunchyroll account. Then you will get an online passport. After that all you need to do is watch the first episode of the following animes:

Screen Shot 2017-11-01 at 5.32.00 PM

Once your passport gets the stamp of all the 8 animes you will enter the sweepstake to win the trip to Japan. Second place will get a poster of Blade Runner 2022 Black Out.



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